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Edutimer - Overview

  School Timetable primary device to administer the scheduling activities of a school.

We guarantee that Edutimer will relieve your tough work in future. It is user friendly software, and we have integrated all the possible considerations needed for a timetable in the development of Edutimer.

Edutimer has been developed by Cybrosys Technologies with a team of specialist, using user’s observation over a period of time in the various situations.

Edutimer automates the various scheduling actions of a school and maximizes the use of best resources. The time consuming and repetitive task of creating a Timetable is completed easily and effortlessly by using our software. It will support school management to standardize their education administrative functions.

Edutimer contains options which are attentively planned to help you to organize your students' elective subject choices. The software helps to avoid the burden of timetable making and leaving you with more time to apply your ability and judgment where they are required in order to construct a qualitative timetable.

More than scheduling your timetable for you , Edutimer has been also designed to make sure that you can reproduce your regular timetabling method but with the more sophisticated and intelligent manner.

Edutimer is completely self-checking and you will be able to track the program’s recommendation at the same time you can formulate your own conclusion. So why not Edutimer!!!
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Edutimer- Specific features

  Edutimer Enabling easy entry
  of Data’s
  It is very easy and simple to enter all subjects, classes, teachers and their tenure. This also helps creating all detailed divisions of classes into groups...

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  Edutimer ensures Improved
  Automatic generating
  Edutimer generates a complete timetable that fulfils all your necessities very fast. The program checks the minimization of gaps in teachers...

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  Edutimer able to Generate
  Complete print out
  Edutimer will help to print your timetable. This will automatically generates timetables for each class...

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