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General features of Edutimer

Edutimer will help to have an easy work allotment method both class wise and teacher wise.
Edutimer allows joining of divisions, classroom facility.
Edutimer allows setting Lab periods according to the availability of lab rooms.
Edutimer's various options available in this software can be simply utilized for the individual adjustments.
Edutimer's optional work is effortlessly being arranged.
Edutimer generates different kind of timetable reports required for the classes and teachers.
Edutimer automates the conventional physical work.
Edutimer reduce unproductive doings and human factor.
Edutimer boost productivity - save your time and resources.
Edutimer Eliminates needless paperwork.
Edutimer is very minimum cost and life time software for school.
Edutimer is dominant and absolute timetabling software.
Edutimer suitable for automatic or interactive design.
Edutimer is useful for maintenance of timetables.
Edutimer is suitable for any kind of school of different type and size.
Edutimer helps you to resolve day to day time table related problems.
Edutimer allows substitutions of teachers on leave.
Edutimer's user interface is trouble-free and efficient.
Edutimer automatically creates timetables for each division or teacher.
Edutimer creates synopsis timetables of classes, teachers for the entire school with in minutes.
Edutimer enables classes of an individual subject distributed equably in the entire week.
Edutimer also enables creating all specific divisions of classes into groups for particular period.
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