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Edutimer- Specific features

Edutimer Enabling easy entry of Data’s
Edutimer enabling easy entry of data’s
It is very easy and simple to enter all subjects, classes, classrooms, teachers and their tenure. This also helps creating all detailed divisions of classes into groups. It is possible to link more classes into one session or to include more teachers for one session.

The Help is a key part of the program. It will instruct you how to enter data, generate, verify and print timetables.
Edutimer ensures improved automatic generating
Edutimer generates a complete timetable that fulfils all your necessities very fast. The program checks the minimization of gaps in teachers' schedules the constraint of maximal number of gaps in teachers' schedules, also the limitation of days, when teachers teach.

It automatically find out the Classes of a subject have to be circulated equably in the entire week. Also ensure verification of series of entire and divided classes and it Placing lessons into allowed classrooms ect...
Edutimer able to generate complete print out
Edutimer will help to print your timetable. This will automatically generates timetables for each class, teacher or classroom and makes synopsis timetables of classes, teachers or classrooms for the whole school.

Once printing process completes it guide you merely assign optional teachers when necessary. You can indicate which classes, teachers or classrooms you want to print in each summary timetable.
Edutimer take care effective verification of the timetable
Edutimer verifies the facts entered and helps you to eradicate normal entry errors. It also verifies, whether created timetable meets all Criteria. You can make changes to the timetable, and the program notifies you, in case of illegal changes.
Edutimer is dependable for immediate requirements
You can change the timetable by moving classes with the mouse. The program prevents you from doing illegal changes, and it shows you when the teachers have free time in the timetable. You can use the right mouse button to activate commands or you can exhibit the probable lessons for the chosen position. All rights reserved © 2009