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Edutimer - A Brief Look

An overview of the complete package

Embrace Changes

Edutimer optimizes timetables and blend in all the changes. With Edutimer, it is enough to enter the new data or requirements, the system will find the best way to amend your timetable in all possible ways. With Edutimer, the school management is no more strenuous.

Create Quality Timetables

Edutimer makes the best out of technology. We incorporate every science to reduce teacher idle in school. We build timetables for schools that outclass the manually created timetables. We ensure the ultimate utilization and scheduling of specialized classrooms and lessons.

Manage Daily Activities

Edutimer helps in managing the daily cover. Provisions to change subjects, teachers, and classrooms, merge or cancel lessons. The changes are automated in no time in the timetable, helping students, parents, and teachers see the effective version and make changes accordingly.


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Seamless Data Entry

Easy entry of Subjects, Classrooms, Teachers and their schedules
Combines both classes and teachers to a single session.
Facilitates guidelines for new users on operations.


Ensure Automatic scheduling

Formulate schedule for teachers.
Pre-plan lessons according to schedule.
Circulation of classes on a weekly basis.

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