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Arduous paperwork, time-consuming manual entry, confusion over substitutions and managing multiple timetables at a time,  consequently fuel together in creating panic attacks to schools or any other educational institutes. No matter which organization you belong to, right from elementary schools to high schools, colleges to universities, time table management is one task that always eats up one’s brain. Time table management always turns to be a tedious and time-consuming task for the administration or the management.

For a person outside the community, it seems simpler running a school or college. But challenges are many as you dig deep inside the management workflow. The strain of schools and colleges start right from crafting and managing timetables.

You might be thinking what makes time table management so difficult and chaotic?
The reason is there are many aspects that need to be taken care of or taken into consideration while drafting a school time table or college time table. One cannot simply assign a faculty to a particular class and wash their hands. Aspects like faculty availability or the faculty attendance, subject priority, exam date, leaves, subject hours, availability of classrooms/labs, clashes with other divisions and more have to be looked into while creating a timetable.

So what is the solution?
Will a class scheduling software helps in the seamless management of classes in schools and colleges? Yes, a class scheduling software in other words a time table management software can aid the educational institutes like schools, colleges and universities inefficient management of their classes, allotments of subjects, allotment of teachers, management of multiple timetables and also looking after substitution needs in case if any teacher or faculty is absent. Apart from the above-cited, a class scheduling software also facilitates the calculation of employee payroll based on the hour's faculty worked. 

In short, the extensiveness of timetable management software or a class scheduling software not only confines to the management of classes or faculties but also the administration of schools and colleges. 


Broadly speaking, school scheduling software-
1. Eliminate Paper-based works
2. Automatic Timetable Scheduling
3. Creation of Multiple Timetables 
4. Faculty Customization 
5. Optimal Resource Allocation
6. Substitution Management
7. Easy Integration with other applications
8. Localization Support

Let us look in detail.

Lays Foundation of Management:
First and foremost, a timetable generating software lays a strong foundation for the efficient management of schools. The administration is relieved from the time-consuming and conflicting class distributes to strategically focus on the mission and the prime objective of the educational organization.
The staff can thereby utilize their time in enhancing the skill and performance of the organization as a whole. 

A school timetable software will intuitively figure out when and what will be taught in class, which teacher will go to the particular division to take a particular subject, which events are to be simultaneously conducted in school not hampering the class and which teacher has to be the substitute for the absent faculty. In short, both teachers and students of a particular class will get to know whether they need to be in the corresponding hour.

Saves Faculty Time:
Everybody loves to finish their work on time. A structured and balanced workflow motivates every employee, be it a teacher, engineer, lawyer or architect. A class scheduling software can save ample time of faculties.

We very well know teaching is a profession that demands a high degree of background work like topic study, understanding the behavior of students, planning their teaching notes, preparing classes to extracurricular and more. It will be a great help for the teacher or faculty in school or college if they abstain from the duty of time table generation. With the help of class scheduling software, the school administration can lessen the burden of teachers, save their time and streamline their hectic schedules. 

The management can efficiently plan the timetable taking care of any excessive workload or excessive free hours to particular faculties. Also, the school scheduling software will help the teachers in planning advance their study notes. Every teacher or faculty will get acquainted with the class distributes, substitution if any and class timing prior to their adequate preparation. 

Some class scheduling or school scheduling software provisions the faculties in customizing their own timetable schedules not waiting for the administration to get the work done. 

Increases Efficiency:
Consider all of the school's events getting scheduled in real-time. Yes, the school scheduling software has the potentiality to streamline and schedule varied school events like parent-teacher meetings without hampering the daily schedule of a teacher. The database can generate reports that provide knowledge on upcoming schedules. Teachers or the faculties will get to know when they have their meeting with parents and parents no longer have to wait for teachers in finishing their class to speak with them. Everything gets streamlined underclass scheduling or the school scheduling software, reducing the burden of school administrators. 
Every woe corresponding to the traditional teacher-parent meeting is overlooked and structured under timetable software. 

Planning spaces and schedules:
A school scheduling software efficiently makes use of the available resource. Optimal use of space and schedules by these software applications helps in achieving the missioned teaching goals. The optimal use of resources is carried via facilitating real-time class scheduling, resolving conflicts among teachers via balancing their workload,  incorporating optimal use of physical resources, saving from additional building expenses and more.

Subject Grouping: 
With a class scheduling software, the school or college can efficiently manage the required number or additional classes if any for particular subjects. It helps in guaranteeing the completion of the syllabus on time. Also meanwhile it cross-checks whether the corresponding timetable does not overlap the current running timetable or subjects.  

Edutimer is a user-friendly and intuitive school timetable software that has the following features:
Automatic Timetable Generation:
Automatic generation of timetable offering more flexibility to staff and students helps in tracking subjects and classes and thereby offering various combinations to the user to choose from. The automatic timetable generator thus helps teachers in planning their lessons well in advance in a systematic way. It also optimizes resource allocation and reduces manpower in creating an error-free timetable with zero data clashes.
Manual Timetable Generation:
Provisions to manually adjust the resource allocations and provide a user-centric timetable solution to school. The timetable management software helps in prioritizing varied subjects and also offering help to modify allotment based on requirements. Manual generation by admin is made possible for defining the class name, no of periods, no of subjects, adding faculties, defining they're daily /weekly periods and their availability and more.
Seamless Allotments:
Caters to the need of combined class allotments, where there is a combined teacher or combined subject entries like two or more different classes with the same teacher and with the same subject. Edutimer facilitates lab bifurcation functions, where the students of the same class are bifurcated to different labs in the same period. Edutimer provisions with class-wise allotment and teacher wise allotments. It allows teachers with respect to class and also the class with respect to the teacher.
Faculty Substitutions:
Assign substitute teachers for handling periods of the regular teacher who went on leave. Automatic generation of teacher’s timetables for quick adjustments in school academics. Edutimer manages the teacher’s time schedule easily and quickly thereby avoiding time conflicts in adjustments. Edutimer acts as an easy platform to define teacher adjustments to another class for taking up the subject or playing the part of substitution of the absent faculty.
Simple Data Entry:
A simplified user interface offering ease of access and superfast response time to users. Helps in managing classes and shares all combinations with teachers for their approval. Master details with respect to classroom details, room category, division order, day settings, subject details, teacher details, teacher order, time settings, and subject period settings can be seamlessly entered and thereby generate a responsive timetable for a school. 
Verify Schedules:
Edutimer, the timetable generation software verifies the facts entered and helps you to eradicate the normal entry errors. It also verifies whether the created timetable meets all criteria. The definer user/admin in school can make the necessary changes to the timetable, and the program notifies you, in case of illegal changes. The user can opt for either the class-wise or teacher wise generation of timetable.
Efficient Reporting:
Insight to the complete list of teachers who is in charge of the particular class/division. Edutimer offers the list of time table according to class and list of time table according to subject and class. It also offers a diversified report list of timetables based on subject name, subject code, and teacher. Edutimer enlists the lab timetable for the seamless execution of lab hours in schools. It offers an all-inclusive report of free teachers on selected day/period, substitution list, also the teacher’s time table for a week /day.
User Privilege Setting:
Seamlessly set privileges for the users in the school. The user can access certain kinds of forms according to the privileges provided and thereby conduct their activities in a hassle-free tone. Admin can easily set default privilege settings according to the school's needs. The efficient user management, strong database facility, password and privileged setting for security together make Edutimer a comprehensive, self-reliant timetable generation software.



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