Importance of a School Timetable Software


The educational field is where revolutionary changes are happening from time to time. In the present day world,  schools are forced to undergo technology-based developments to keep up their pace and to stand tall against the competition. The recent development that emerged in the educational field is the revolution in timetable management. There came the innovations of timetable management software performing different areas of functions. By the implementation of school scheduling software,  schools can properly schedule their day to day activities without any flaws.

Time management is one area, which is always considered hectic, clumsy and time-consuming. The introduction of school scheduling software can greatly reduce the challenges of school administration in crafting and running of software. In this blog, we will discuss the most important reasons why you should opt for timetable management software.

Better organization:
All the activities happening in the school can be properly organized using timetable management software. Class periods, assigned teachers, free periods, intervals, substitutions, etc. can be managed well and properly organized using the timetable management software. Before the introduction of timetable management software, these processes were very hard to be managed and as a result, a lot of problems happened in that area. But now a well-organized atmosphere has been brought with the introduction of timetable management software.

If you are maintaining your school timetable using offline methods such as papers, files, etc. it will cause money wastage. Implementation of a school scheduling software, on the other hand, requires only an affordable price and maintaining it is much easier than offline methods. As cost-saving methods are always appreciated, timetable management software is really a must to-go option.

The timetable management software also saves a considerable amount of time which can be used for productive activities in schools. With the offline methods, each process is done using human help and because of that, it will require a lot of paperwork’s which in turn leads to a large amount of time consumption. But when a school scheduling software is introduced all these activities can be done with the click of a mouse button. Thus an ample amount of time will be saved.

Automated process:
All the offline process will be automated with the introduction of the timetable management software. Various processes such as timetable creation, assigning teachers according to periods, exam date scheduling, free period handling, substitution faculties, scheduling various cultural activities like school youth festivals, vacation scheduling, and overall school time management are automated using the timetable management software.


Quicker response:
In the offline methods if a teacher is to be put in for substitution it will take more amount of time due to the ineffectiveness and slow-going nature of the offline method. This will reduce class performance efficiency and will disturb the working schedule. But with the school management software, there will be correct assigning of faculties for substitution periods. This will result in quicker response and thus all the problems related to the offline methods can be avoided.

Better planning abilities:
Planning comes as a threat and challenge when timetables are managed offline. Since it is carried out with human help it will be error-prone also. But with the introduction of school scheduling software, better planning can be put forward. For example, if a teacher has requested for leave for a particular day, all the periods assigned to that teacher on that particular day can be properly managed among other faculties according to their free time, if this is done by a human it will take too much of time for assigning and also it will surely result in errors.

Data loss is prevented:
When a manual timetable is prepared along with its related activities such as faculty management, time management, etc. it will be saved in hard copies and as a result, there are high chances for physical damage and property loss to occur. In case if that happens the whole functioning of the school will be negatively affected. There are also other possibilities like these copies can be destroyed by environmental elements and insects. So to prevent all these irregularities and problems we can make use of the timetable management software. With the school scheduling software files are made as soft copies which ensure their protection and safety.

Automated reports and better efficiency:
By using the timetable management software automated reports can be created based on the timetable. This includes the working hours of faculties, free periods, the time taken for free intervals, etc. With the reports, we can find out the defective areas in management and bring in new strategies to clear out those defects. This leads to better efficiency of the entire school.

Going eco-friendly:
With the usage of the timetable management software, all the activities related to timetable management are carried out by the software. This reduces a considerable amount of paper works and other wastage and thus we can go eco-friendly. 

Better brand value:
With the use of the school timetable software your school will get a better brand value. With your futuristic way of handling activities, it is a sure thing that you will attract a number of students to your institution every new academic year.

These all are the various features that a timetable management software can provide to an educational institution. If you are planning to go for a timetable management software Edutimer will be the best option which you can go for.



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