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Jane was very happy with her new job role in the newly appointed school. She was assigned the task of timetable management in her new career path. Initially, Jane assumed the task to be simpler and cordial. But as days passed by, she started realizing the horror behind managing a school timetable for a full-fledged educational institute. Jane was finding it too hard to keep the balance, preparing a timetable for every class adjusting to teacher’s leaves and other constitutes. In the month-end, Jane was also assigned to calculate the number of working days of each faculty for calculating their payroll. Soon the word timetable started creating panic attacks on Jane and she started figuring out alternatives to make her work easier and less burdening. 

This situation is not only confined to Jane, but also to many. Many schools find it hard and challenging to prepare and manage their school timetables. The timetable scheduling demands utmost planning as many things are to be taken into consideration while drafting them. Conditions like teacher’s leave, syllabus, exams and time underplay in drafting the timetables. The manual formulation isn’t that easier as we forecast.

So what is the solution next?

Very Easy. We know the world is in the revolutionary stage. The web of technology has caught the entire lifestreams. Every walk of life is getting digitalized. Let’s imply the same in school. Why not the school to search for a digital solution, a replacement for the conventional timetable management system.

It is no doubt that a school timetable management software or a class scheduling software will make the timetable generation easier and hassle-free. You might be wondering how. Here is the answer! A timetable generating software or in other words a timetable management software works in a very intuitive fashion. It helps the end-user, say a school in generating a comprehensive timetable automatically or manually. A well-defined, timetable is generated by this software upon the manually entered data. After a while, the timetable management software also provisions to verify the entered data and make necessary changes in rising situations. Most importantly, a timetable scheduler helps in assigning the substitutes for any faculty position.  If any teacher goes on leave, the timetable scheduler automatically switches another faculty for conducting the work. A timetable schedule helps in managing a different set of timetables like the class timetable, faculty timetable, weekly timetable and more upon customization need. The flexibility in generating varied styled timetables make it suitable and notable among all educational institutes. It helps in storing the information such as teacher’s leaves, their free hours, subject history for automatically switching teachers to different classes. 

The school timetable management software remains robust in handling the need of combined class allotments, where there is a combined teacher or a combined subject entry like two or more different classes with the same teacher and same subject. The efficient reporting system of the software helps in generating the complete list of teachers who are in charge of the particular class/division in school, giving full visibility to faculty engagements in the school. The simple data entry of timetable scheduler makes it advocating and rewarding. The easy to access feature of the timetable generation system, make it the most pivotal choice for an effective and efficient school run. 


Apart from the above, school timetable software also offers other benefits. The palate includes:

Going Paperless

The conventional timetable generation system always dealt with paper stacks, piles of documents carrying leave records of teachers, timetables for different classes, lab bifurcations and more in them. One needs to sort them individually for accessing desired information about the teacher or particular class, which is not only time-consuming but also strenuous. On the other hand, getting digitalized with a school timetable software gets you with a unified storage system, from where you can pull out every information easy.

Smart Payroll Calculation

Under a manual timetable management system, the end-user needs to sit for hours generating reports on employee leaves and working hours for calculating the pay scale. With the aid of timetable scheduler, the job gets simplified and easier, as it helps in generating monthly reports on teachers' leave records and work hours. One can seamlessly retrieve the pertinent information they seek during the calculation of payroll. 

Faculty Substitution 

It is a common scenario in schools that you are all set for the day with a pre-planned timetable, and suddenly come to know that a teacher is on leave. There, all your hard work invested in crafting timetable goes in vain. You are prompted to start afresh with the newly formatted timetable covering the particular teacher’s absence. A school timetable software helps in generating a substitution timetable for the day. It scans the entire faculty’s free hours, and thereby create substitution timetables in the speediest manner. 

Save Expenditure

Payroll calculation always goes wrong when they are executed manually. One may accidentally leave marking the teacher’s absence for the day and eventually, in the month-end the teacher gets paid for the day, creating a business loss to the school. The expense is not only confined to leaves but also the delay in covering the syllabus in schools. If a particular syllabus doesn’t finish on time, the school needs to arrange extra classes for summing up, again resource wastage and additional expenses. A timetable scheduling software is self-sufficient in keeping the school away from unwanted expenditures. It helps in streamlining the entire timetable for schools via allocating the right resources at the right time, assuring everything is completed in the prescribed time frame. A timetable software gets you with an accurate number of working days of a teacher for calculating payroll, easily prioritizes the timetable and thereby helps in syllabus completions, seamless allocation of faculties eradicating time loss and more.

Improved Security

Often in the conventional timetable management system, there is a high degree of data erosion. The risk of leaking sensitive information is high in a traditional method. But the situation can be improved with the implementation of a timetable generating software. The privileged setting in the software keeps every confidential information safeguarded. A user can access certain kinds of forms according to the set privileges keeping other data intact. The timetable management system comes as all-inclusive user management with a strong database facility, password, and privilege setting for keeping data safeguarded from all threats. 

Enhanced Accuracy

One can assure error-free reports from school timetable software than a manually created one. The automatic generation of timetables under school timetable software leaves no space for malfunctioning, unlike manual entry. It generates accurate reports and timetables for the school run. One can blindly trust the timetabling software-generated reports for calculating the payroll as there is no human intervention in this place. 


The simplified user interface helps the common man like a teacher or office staff the freely operate the system and generate an adequate report. A person with less technical knowledge can manage details with respect to classroom details, room category, division order, day settings, subject details, teacher details, teacher order, time settings and the subject period for generating a responsive timetable. 


As discussed prior, timetable management software comes highly flexible in customizations. One can easily generate timetables according to the current requirement and suggestions. It thus helps in avoiding the complexities and conflicts arising out of assigning classes, teachers, adjusting time and more in school.

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